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Course Oracle Apps R12 - Finance
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Cost Of The Training INR 30,000 / USD 465
Total Duration 40 Days
Each Session 1 Hr
Trainer Mr. Raj
Start Date And Time Tue, January 5th 2021 at 06:00 AM IST

Course Description

       General Ledger
       Introduction to Oracle ERP and Oracle Apps functional modules.
       Define period type and calendar (4c concepts).
       Flex field qualifiers and chart of accounts.
      Accounting setup's
     •   Define legal entity.
     •   Define ledger.
     •   Define accounting options.
     •   Assigning balancing segment values(bsv) to legal entity.
    Ledger sets, Data Access sets
    Suspense journal.
    Recurring journal, standard recurring journal, schedule recurring journal and skeleton recurring journal.
    Intercompany and Intracompany.
    Foreign Currency, Revaluation
    Reporting currency ledger
    •   Balance method ( Translation )
    •   Journal method
    Secondary ledger
    •   Balance method
    •   Journal method
    Budgets , Cross validation rules.
    Accounts Payable (P2P Cycle )
    Creating responsibility and assigning to user.
    Business group, location from Hrms responsibility.
    Chart of accounts, define accounting setup's, define operating unit.
    Define security to Hrms, define master inventory org (p2p setups and process).
    Multi org set up's for Hrms, Purchasing, Purchasing options, Document numbering.
    Define jobs, positions, hierarchy, employees, approval group, approval assignments.
    Define buyer, assign buyer to user.
    Moac for inventory, creation of item, min-max planning.
    Requisition import  from inventory.
    Manual requisition, assign position hierarchy to document type.
    Auto create requisition and create a purchase order/approving purchase order. creating of sub inventory.
    Receipt routing types -- Direct delivery, Standard and Inspection routing.
    Creation of bank, branch, account number and check book.
    Types of invoices
    •   Standard Invoice
    •   Credit memo
    •   Debit memo
    •   Mixed invoice
    •   Prepayment
    •   Expense report
    •   Interest invoice
    •   Refund
    Quantity correction, price correction and amount correction.
    Quick payments.
    Accounts Receivables ( O2C cycle )
    Moac setups , system options.
    Define collector , payment terms, auto cash rule set.
    Statement cycle, define customer.
    Auto accounting, transaction type, remit to address.
    Auto invoice and O2C setups.
    O2C process (auto invoice process).
    Credit memo, Debit memo.
    Commitments, deposit, Guarantee.
    Receivable activity.
    Balance forward billing.
    Adjustments , receipt write off.
    Calculating interest base on charge schedule.
    Fixed Assets ( FA to GL Cycle )
    Flex field , system controls.
    Fiscal year, calendar.
    Asset books.
    Mass additions.
    Mass retirements, revaluation.
    Mass changes, Mass transfer.
    Create accounting.
    Thank You