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CourseOracle Applications Framework ( OAF )
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Cost Of The Training INR 30,000 / 425 USD
Total Duration 25 Days
Each Session 1 Hr
Trainer Mr. Sunil
Start Date And Time Wed, January 6th 2021 at 06:00 AM IST

Course Description

     1. Introduction
    MVC Architecture
   OAF Architecture and Process Flow 
   OAF Features and Advantages
  2. Understanding BC4J Components
  Entity Objects
  View Objects
  View Links
  Application Module
  3. Basics of Java and Naming Standards
  Exception Handling
  4 Jdeveloper Setup and Building Sample Application
  5. UI Components- Regions and Page Items
  Table Region
  Search Region
  Advanced Table Region
  List Of Values and PopList
  Master-Detail Relationship
  6. Partial Page Rendering - SPEL & Exception Handling
  7. DML Operations
  Update and
  8. Page Forwarding Techniques
  Navigations from One Page to Other
  Using Session Variables
  String Tokens
  9. Developing Pages with Multiple Tabs and Train Region
  10. Invoking PL/SQL Procedures and Functions
  11. Deploying OA Page in Oracle Application
  12. Page Personalizations
  Changing the Properties of an Item
  Adding New Items
  Adding New Regions
  13. Application Customization
  Controller Extension
  VO Substitutions
  14. Debugging Techniques

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