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Course Oracle Fusion Finance
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Cost Of The Training INR 30,000 / USD 465
Total Duration40 Days
Each Session 1 Hr
Trainer Mr. Raj
Start Date And Time Wed, January 6th 2021 at 06:00 AM IST

Course Description

   Introduction to Oracle Fusion Applications
   Introduction Oracle Fusion Financials Course Curriculum
   Introduction to Fusion Implementation Models/Adoptions
   Introduction to Oracle Fusion Enterprise Structure
Oracle Identity Manager / Authorization Policy Manager
   Introduction to Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
   Understanding Application Implementation Process throught FSM
   Understanding Offerings
   Understanding Options
   Enabling Offerings
   Implementation Project Creation
General Ledger
  4c Concepts
  -Chart Of Accounts
  -Define Primary Ledger
  -Sub-Ledger Accounting Method(SLA)
  Create Primary Ledger
  Setup Accounting Information
  Create Legal Entity
  Complete Primary Ledger Defination
  Review General Ledger Role Template
  Assign Data Roles to User
  Run LDAP Job
  Open GL Periods
  Create Journals & Post
  Foreign Currency Journals
  Reverse Journals
  Data Access Set
  Security Rules
  Cross Validation Rules
  Ledger Set
  Perform Revaluation
  Create Reporting Ledger/Reporting Currency
  Create Secondary Ledger
  Setup Auto Posting
  Setup Auto Reversal
  Create /Upload journal though Spreadsheet
  Overview on GL Period Close
Accounts Payables ( Invoice to Pay process )
  Configuring Fusion Enterprise Structure
  Create Business Unit Locations
  Create Reference Data Sets
  Create Business Units
  Setting up Business Unit Functions
  Create Employee User
  Assign Implementation Consultant Roles to User
  Create Procurement Agents
  Payable & Procurement Options Configurations
  Invoicing Options Configuration
  Payment Options Configuration
  Create Payment Terms
  Create Distribution Sets
  Setting up Suppliers Number Generation Options
  Create Supplier
  Create Supplier Addresses
  Create Supplier Sites
  Assigning Supplier Sites to Procurement Business Units
  Create Banks
  Create Branches
  Create Bank Accounts
  Create Payables Documents
  Create Check Books
  Create Payment Method
  Create Payment Process Profile
  Create Payables Lookup Values
  Introduction to Payables Role Templates
  Assigning Data Roles to User
  Submitting LDAP Job
  Open Payables Periods
  Transaction Process
  Introduction to Payables Role Based Dashboards
  Standard Invoice Creation
  Invoice Creation via Spreadsheet
  Debit Memo Invoice Creation
  Credit Memo Invoice Creation
  Payment Creation Process
  Void/Stop Payments
  Creating Payment Process Request
  Prepayment Invoice Process
  Withholdig Tax Setups & Process
  Pay Alone Configuration & Process
  Foreign Currency Invoice & Payment Configuration & Process
  Supplier Merge Process
  Interest Invoice Configuration & Process
  Creating Accounting Entries & Transfering to GL
  Payables to General Ledger Reconciliation
  Running Standard Reports
  Payables Period Close Process
Accounts Receivables
  Receivables System Options Configuration
  Define Transaction Types
  Define Transaction Sources
  Autoaccounting Configuration
  Payment Terms
  Create Statement Cycles
  Collector Creation
  Customer Profile Class
  Reference Data Set for Customer Site
  Customer Site/Address
  Memo Lines Creation
  Receivable Activities
  Receipt Classes & Methods
  Receipt Source
  Overview on AR Role Template
  Assign Receivables Data Roles to User
  Submitting LDAP Job
  Open Receivables Periods
  Invoice Transaction Creation
  Manual Credit Memo Transaction Creation
  Automatic Credit Memo Transaction Creation
  Debit Memo Transaction Creation
  Transaction with Memo Lines
  Chargeback Transaction Creation
  Standard Receipt Creation
  Misc. Receipt Creation
  Receipt/Batch Creation in Spreadsheet & Process
  Standard Receipt Reversal
  Debit Memo Receipt Reversal
  Cross Currency Receipts
  Receipt Write-Off
  Revenue Recognization Configuration & Process
  Balance Forward Billing Configuration & Process
  Create Accounting Entries & Transfer to GL
  Receivables to General Ledger Reconciliation
  Running Standard Reports
  Receivables Period Close Process
Fixed Assets
  Category KFF Structure
  Location KFF Structure
  Asset Key KFF Structure
  Value Sets for Category KFF
  Value Sets for Location KFF
  Value Sets for Asset Key KFF
  Configure System Controls
  Fiscal Year Calendar
  Asset Calendar
  Prorate Convention
  Prorate Calendar
  Asset Book
  Corporate Book
  Tax Book
  Asset Categories
  Asset Book Role Template
  Assign Data Roles to User
  Transaction Process
  Manual Additions
  Asset Creation using Spreadsheet
  Mass Additions
  CIP Asset & CIP Capitalization
  Run Depreication
  Mass Copy
  Asset Retirement
  Create Accounting Entries & Transfer to GL
  Overview on Assets Period Close Process
  Overview on Assets to General Ledger Reconciliation
Cash Management
  Bank Accounts
  Payables Documents
  Check Books
  Bank Statement Transaction Codes
  Overview on CM Role Template
  Assign Data Roles to User
  Manual Reconciliation
  Auto Reconciliation
Rapid Implementation Process

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