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CourseFusion SCM
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Cost Of The TrainingINR 30,000 / USD 465
Total Duration30 Days
Each Session1 Hr
TrainerMr. Prasad
Start Date And TimeWed, January 6th 2021 at 06:00 AM IST

Course Description

1. Introduction
  Introduction Of Fusion Application
  Fusion Security
  Fusion Terminology
  Detail Explanation Of FSM
  Detail explanation of enterprise structure
2. Enterprise Structure
  Create Implementation Projuct
  Define Common Applications Configuration for Procurement
  Define Implementation Users
  Manage Currencies
  Manage Conversion Rate Types
  Manage Daily Rates
  Define Enterprise Structures for Procurement
  Manage Reference Data Sets
  Manage Geographies
  Define Enterprise for Procurement
  Manage Locations
  Define Legal Jurisdictions and Authorities for Procurement
  Define Legal Entities for Procurement
  Define Chart of Accounts of Enterprise Structures for Procurement
  Manage Accounting Calendars
  Manage Primary Ledgers
  Assign Legal Entities
3. Inventory
  Manage Business Unit
  Manage locations
  Assign Business Unit business Function
  Manage business Unit Set Assignment
  Manage Facility Shift
  Manage Facility Workday Pattern
  Manage Facility Schedules
  Manage Item Organization
  Manage Inventory Organization
  Organization Parameters
  Associating Inventory Organization with Location
  Data Role Assignment to Implementation user
  Manage Item Profile Options
  Manage Unit of Measure Profiles
  Manage Units of Measure
  Manage UOM Classes
  Manage UOM Standard Conversions
  Manage Life Cycle Phases
  Manage Operational Attribute Groups
  Manage Default Item Class
  Manage Item Status
  Manage Item Types
  Manage Item Descriptive Flexfields
  Manage Key Flexfield for catalogs
  Manage Default Catalog
  Manage Inventory Profile Options
  Manage Inventory Account Alias Key Flex field
  Manage Inventory Transaction types
  Manage Inventory Locator Key Flexfield
  Manage Sub inventory & Locations
  Manage Inter organization parameters
  Manage Receiving Profile Option
  Manage Receiving parameters
4. Invenory Costing
  Manage Cost Organizations
  Verify Data Role generation for Cost Organizations
  Manage Cost Books.
  Manage Cost Organization Relationships
  Manage Cost Analysis Groups
  Manage Valuation Structure
  Manage cost Elements
  Manage Cost Component Mappings
  Cost Component Groups
  Manage Cost Profiles
  Manage Default Cost Profiles
  Manage Valuation Units
  Define Subledger Accounting methods
  Manage Mapping Set - Cost Management
  Manage Cost Analysis Mappings
  Schedule Process - Transfer Transactions from Inventory to Costing
  Schedule Process - Transfer Transactions from Receiving to Costing
  Define Run Control
  Schedule Process - Transfer Transactions from Inventory to Costing
  Schedule Process - Transfer Transactions from Receiving to Costing
  Define Run Control
  Miscellanous Transactions
  View Accounting Entries
5. Purchasing
  manage Procurement Agent
  Manage Purchasing Profile Options
  Manage Procurement Document Numbering
  Manage Purchasing Line types
  Manage Document Styles
  Manage Purchasing Descriptive Flexfields
  Manage Requisition Descriptive Flexfields
  Configure Procurement Business Function
  Configure Requisition business function
  Manage Common Options for Procurement and payable
  Define Receiving Configuration
  Manage Receiving Parameters
  Manage Requisition Approvals
  Manage Purchasing Document Approvals
  Manage Mapping sets -Procurement
  Manage Sub ledger Accounting options
  Define Cost Management Mapping set for procurement
  Requisition Creation
  Auto Create PO
  PO Creation
  PO Receiving
  View Accounting Entries
  Requisition and PO Document Apprvals.
  Requsition creation
  Purchase order creation
6. Order Management
  Shipping Parameter
  Ship confirm Rule
  Order Management Parameter
  Manage Orchestration Source System
  Define Orchestration Process
  Assignment of Orchestration assignment Process Rules
  Create Price List
  Pricing segment
  Pricing Startegy
  Assignment pricing startegy
  Create Order
  Pick & ship confirm confirm

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