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CourseOracle ADF
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Cost Of The Training INR 35,000 / USD 500
Total Duration 30 Days
Each Session 1 HR
Trainer Mr. Vamsi
Start Date And Time Wed, January 6th 2021 at 06:00 AM IST

Course Description

     1.  Introduction to the Course and Course Contents

Introduction to Oracle ADF

     Describe ADF Architectural concepts.
  Demo on working functionality
   2. Jdeveloper Exploration
   Building ADF Application in JDeveloper
  Configuring JDeveloper Preferences
  Configuring Application Level Prefixes and Suffixes for Client Understandings
  3. ADF Architecture Concepts
  Introduction to ADF BCs
  Understanding on Entity Objects
  Understanding on View Objects
  Understanding on Application Module
  4. Entity Objects and Associations
  Data Persistence using Entity Objects
  Creating Entity Objects
  Modify Entity Object Default Behavior
  Synchronizing an Entity Object with changes to Its database table
  Define attribute control hints
  Use alternate key entity constraints
  Synchronizing with Trigger-Assigned Values
  5. View Objects and View Links
  Characteristics of an ADF BC view object.
  Modify SQL statements in view objects
  Creating View Objects
  VO based on Entity Objects
  VO based on SQL Query
  VO based on Programmatic Approach
  VO based on Static List
  Link view objects to one another
  Refactor business components
  View Links Master Details.
  Who Columns Design
  6. View Objects and View Links
  Creating Bind Variables
  Creating List of Values
  Creating Customized Queries
  Creating Dependent Lovs
  Define attribute control hints
  Perform calculations
  Restrict the columns retrieved by a query
  Change the order of queried rows
  Restrict the rows retrieved by a query
  Retain and reuse a row set
  View Criteria and Search Forms
  Creating View Criteria
  7. Application Modules
  Designing Application Module
  Creating Application Module
  Application Module Editor
  Testing Service Methods.
  Determining the Size of an Application Module
  Application Module Pooling and Nested AMs
  Locking Behaviour of an AM
  Programmatically Modifying the service Methods in AM
  8. Business Validation
  Validation Life Cycle
  Built-in Declarative Validation Rules
  Validation Execution
  Failure Handling
  Groovy Support
  Creating Validation Rule Class
  9. Programmatically Modifying Data
  Modifying Entity Objects
  Modifying View Objects
  Modifying Application Module
  Centralizing Implementation Details
  Accessing a Transaction
  Customizing the Post Phase
  Customizing the commit phase
  Finding an entity object by primary key
  Updating or removing an existing entity row
  Creating a new entity row
  Using Query Results Programmatically
  Using View Criteria Programmatically
  10. Introduction to User Interface Technologies
  User Interface – Available Technologies
  Java Server Faces
  ADF Faces
  Creation of Templates and designing user interfaces.
  11. Understanding ADF Data bindings
  EJB, Webservices, Nested AM
  Role of ADF Model
  ADF Data Model and Bindings
  Exposing Business Components as Data Controls
  12. JSF Expression Language
  Using Groovy Language
  Using Groovy Syntax in ADF
  Using Groovy for Validation
  Internationalizing the Data Model.
  13. Enriching the Page Content
  ADF Faces Rich Client Components
  Using Facets for page templates
  Using ADF Faces Components
  UI and Translation
  Understanding Layout Basics
  ADF Faces Layout Components
  ADF Faces Skins
  Enabling PPR
  14. Understanding ADF Task Flows
  Characteristics of ADF Task Flow
  Creating a Task Flow
  Using ADF Task Flow Components
  Using Method Call Activities
  Creating Managed Beans
  15. Implementing Page Navigation
  ADF Faces Navigation Components
  Performing Navigation
  Defining Access Keys
  Using Train Components
  16. Handling Application Events
  JSF Page Life Cycle
  ADF Lifecycle Phases
  Creating Action Methods
  Value Change Events
  17. Implementing Security in ADF BC Applications
  Understanding ADF Security Framework
  Deploying ADF Applications (WebLogic)
  Creating a WAR Profile
  Creating a EAR Profile
  Testing the Server Connectivity
  Deploying the Application
  18. Hands-on Introduction to ADF 12c New Features
  Hands on Examples on Application Features
  Understanding on New Functionalities.
  Working on deprecated libraries and functionalities
  Disussion on interview questions.

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