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Course ODI 12C ( Oracle Data Integrator )
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Cost Of The TrainingINR 30,000 / USD 465
Total Duration 25 Days
Each Session 1 Hr
Trainer Mr. Eswar
Start Date And TimeWed, January 6th 2021 at 06:00 AM IST

Course Description

1. Introduction to Data Warehousing
   Data warehouse concept
   Differences between Online Transaction Processing and data warehouse
   Types of Data Warehouse
   Data warehouse Architecture
   Difference between Data warehouse & Data mart
   Data Warehouse Approaches
   Data Warehouse Components
   Logical & physical Design
   Operational data sources(ODS)
  2. Modelling for Data Warehouse
   Fact Table
   Dimension tables and types
   Data Warehouse Schemas: Star schema and Star Query, star flake schema, snow flake schema and Galaxy Schema
3. ODI ( Oracle data integrator )Installing ODI and Configuration Introduction
   What is ODI
   Why ODI
   Overview of ODI 12c Architecture
   Overview of ODI 12c Components
   Types of ODI Agents
   ODI Repositories
   Creating and connecting to the Master Repository
   Creating and connecting to the Work Repository
   Managing ODI Agents
4. ODI Topology Concepts
   Overview of ODI Topology
   About Data Servers, Physical and logical schemas
   Creating a Data Server
   Defining the physical and logical architecture
   Creation of Context
   Linking the physical and Logical architecture
   Defining Agents, Topology
5. ODI Project
   Creation of Project
   Creation of Folders
   Creation of Models
   Reverse Engineering the metadata
   Creating the Datastores
   Knowledge Module (KM)
   Importing the Knowledge modules
6. ODI Mapping
   Creation of Mapping
   Defining the source and Target datastore
   Different types of components
7. ODI Components
   What is a Filter
   What is a Join
   What is a Lookup
   What is Constraint
   Staging Area
   Real time Examples with above each component
8. ODI Procedures
   What is Procedure
   Creating the Procedures
   Adding Commands
   Adding options
   Executing a procedure
   Viewing the results
  9. ODI Package
   What is a Package
   Creating the Package
   Executing the package
   Controlling the execution path
   Creating a Loop
   Using the advanced tab
  10. ODI Scenarios
   What is a Scenario
   Managing Scenarios
   Preparing Scenarios for deployment
   Scheduling the ODI Scenario
11. ODI Load plan
   What is a Load plan
   Creating the Load plan
   Adding the scenarios to Load Plan
   Error handling in load plans
12. ODI Version Management
   What is a Version
   Using version browser and version comparison
13. ODI Variables and Sequences
   Creation of Variable
   Usage of Variable in mapping
   Creation of Sequence
   Usage of sequence in mapping
  14. ODI Project Deployment
   Project Deployment
   Exporting and Importing the projects

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