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1) About the delivery of the service
Training is provided by using Cisco Webex.
Every session is recorded, you will get a link to download the recording and play it.
We provide remote server acces, so that you can connect to our server and practice assignments.
In case, if you miss any sessions, you can re attend the missed sessions in the next batch.
Soft copy of the course material is provided.
Course completion certificate is provided at the end of the training.



2) How the training is provided?
    You will get invitation email which contains a link, to attend the training.
Tool used to provide the training is Cisco Webex.
You should connect to the meeting by using headphones and mic, so that the session is interactive.
You can attend the training by using Desktop/laptop/ Mobile / Tablet.



3) How can we have server access?

                     We provide you server access, so that you connect to the server and do practicals.


4) Do you provide any material?
                      Yes, We provide soft copy of the material.


5) Do you provide any project along with the course?
                      Yes, I am involved in Inventory module Item Conversions. I will be explaining you the client requirements,
                      challenges  faced in developing the code and validation logic.
                      These concepts will help you in attending the interview.



6) What are the pre-requisites to learn Oracle Applications technical course?

                      Oracle Database 9i\10g ( SQL and PL/SQL) - mandatory
                      Forms 6i and Reports 6i - Suggested.



7) How can we make the fee  payment?

                      Payment can be done in any of the following ways                    

  1) Wire transfer to the bank account
  2) Zoom Money Transfer
  3) Paypal
  4) Western Union Money transfer
  5) Money Gram