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CourseOBIEE 12C
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Cost Of The TrainingINR 30,000 / USD 465
Total Duration 30 Days
Each Session 1 Hr
Trainer Mr. Vamsy
Start Date And TimeWed, January 6th 2021 at 06:00 AM IST

Course Description

1. Datawarehousing Concepts
  Introduction and Definition
  Sources, Transformations and Targets( Architecture )
  Data Extraction, Data Transformations and Data Loading( Data Acquisition Process)
  Staging Area, Metadata, Repository and Data Mart
  Differences between OLTP and OLAP( DSS ) Systems
  Operational Data Store( ODS )
  Slowly Changing Dimensions( SCD )
2. Introduction to Oracle Business Intelligence
  What is BI ?
  Introduction on OBIEE Repository Design & Development
  Introduction on OBIEE Answers and Dashboards
3. OBI 11g Architecture
  OBI Presentation Services
  OBI Server , OBI Repository (.rpd)
4. OBI Components
  OBI Administration Tool
  OBI Answers
  Intelligence dashboards
5. Repository Basics
  Sample Request Processing
  Using the OracleBI Administration Tool
  Repository Directory
  Repository Files ( Initialization files and log files)
  Creating a repository
  Connection Pool
  Repository Modes ( ONLINE and OFFLINE )
  Physical Layer
  Business Model & Mapping Layer
  Presentation Layer
  Presentation Catalogs, Folders and Columns
6. Building the Physical Layer of a Repository
  Defining an ODBC System DSN
  Setting up connection pool properties
  Importing data sources ( Physical Schema )
  Verifying the import
  Defining physical keys and joins
  Creating alias and select tables
7. Building the Business Model and Mapping Layer of a Repository
  Creating the logical business model
  Creating the logical tables, columns, and sources
  Defining logical joins
  Adding Calculation to a Fact Table
  Building measures
8. Building the Presentation Layer of a Repository
  Creating a new Presentation Catalog
  Modifying Presentation layer objects
  Rename tables
  Reorder Table
9. Testing and Validating a Repository
  Checking repository consistency
  Defining a repository in the initialization file
  Testing a repository using Oracle BI Answers
  Message Severity
  viewing Server Logs
10. Adding Multiple Logical Table Sources
  Adding multiple logical table sources to a logical table
  Specifying logical content
11. Adding Calculations to a Fact Table
  Calculation measures based on existing logical columns and physical columns
  Calculation measures using the Calculation Wizard
  Creating dimension hierarchies
  Creating level-based measures
  Using Initialization Blocks Repository Variables
12. Creating Time Series Measures
  Using time comparisons in business analysis
  Using Oracle BI time series functions to model time series data
13. Security in OBIEE 11g
  Oracle Platform Security Service
  Exploring Oracle BI default security settings
  Creating users and groups
14. Working with Oracle Business Intelligence Answers
  Introduction to Oracle BI Answers
  Working with requests
  Using advanced formatting
  Creating report Level Hierarchy
15. Filtering Requests in Oracle Business Intelligence Answers
  Introduction to filters in Answers
  Adding filter prompts to requests
  Using saved requests as filters
16. Building Views and Charts in Requests
  Introduction to Answers views and charts
  Creating and editing charts
  Performing common view tasks
  Creating a Narrative View
  Creating a column Selector
  Creating View Selector
17. Showing Results with Pivot Tables
  Introduction to pivot tables
  Formatting pivot tables
  Setting aggregation rules and building formulas
18. Creating Oracle Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboards
  Introduction to Interactive Dashboards and pages
  Adding Objects to Dashboard
  Creating Dashboard prompts
  Embedding content in an Interactive Dashboard
  Usage of presentation variables
19. Delivers
  Introduction to Oracle BI Delivers
  Developing IBOTS
  Configuring delivery devices
20. Publisher
  Introduction to Oracle BI Publisher
  Creation of reports using BI Publisher
21 Discussion on real time scenarios and FAQ's

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