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CourseOracle DBA
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Course Description

1. Introduction to DBA
   What is Database? Why Database?
   Major Databases and Database Vendors
   Roles and Responsibilities of DBA
2. Oracle Database Architecture
   Database & Instance
   Memory Structures – SGA, PGA
   Background Processes
   Server Processes
   Database Files
   Physical & Logical Structures
3. Installing Oracle 12c Database Server
   Requirements for Installation
   Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)
   Installing Oracle Software
4. Creating Oracle Database
   Planning the Database
   Creating Database
   Exploring the seed database
5. Starting & Stopping Database
   Startup & Shutdown modes
   Starting & Stopping the database
   Read-only & Restricted modes
6. Parameters & Parameter Files
   Initialization Parameters
   Static and Dynamic parameters
   Parameter Files
   Text & Server Parameter Files
   System & Session Level Parameters
   Changing Parameter values
7. Data Dictionary
   Understanding Data Dictionary
   Static & Dynamic Performance Views
   Using Data Dictionary
8. Managing Diagnostic data
   Diagnostic files
   Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)
   Viewing Diagnostic data
9. Managing Data Files & Tablespaces
   Tablespace and Data Files Concepts
   Blocks, Extents, Segments
   Understanding Space Management
   Creating & Managing Tablespaces
   Big file Tablespaces
   Tablespace Quotas
   Configuring Multi-Block Support
10. Managing Undo Data
   Transactions and Undo Data
   Managing Undo data
   Creating Undo Tablespaces
   Configuring Undo Retention
11. Managing Temporary Tablespaces
   Understanding Temporary Tablespaces
   Managing Temporary Tablespaces
   Temporary Tablespace Groups
12. Managing Control Files
   Understanding Control Files
   Multiplexing Control Files
   Backing up Control Files
13. Redo Log Files & Archiving
   Online & Archived Redo Log Files
   Managing Online Redo Log Files
   Fast Recovery Area (FRA)
   Configuring Database Archive mode
14. Oracle Managed Files (OMF)
   OMF Concepts and Use
   File Naming Conventions using OMF
   Creating Tablespaces with OMF
15. User Administration
   Creating Users Accounts
   Account management
   Schema , Session, Killing Sessions
   Using profiles to implement complex
   passwords and resource limits
16. Privileges & Roles
   Understanding Privileges
   Managing Privileges
   Understanding Roles
   Managing Roles
17. Oracle Net Services
   Understanding Oracle Net Services
   Net Listener, Naming Methods
   Net configuration tools- NETCA, NETMGR
   Configuring Listener & Naming methods
   Establishing Database connectivity from Oracle Database Clients
   Configuring Shared Servers and Dispatchers
18. Database Links
   Distributed Databases
   Creating Database Links
   Managing Database Links
19. Backup and Recovery using RMAN
   Backup & Recovery Concepts
   Recovery Catalog
   Full & Incremental Backups
   Image Copy & Backup Set backups
   Backup & Recovery using RMAN
   Hot & Cold backups using RMAN
   Complete & In-Complete Recovery
   SQL & DESCRIBE commands in RMAN
20. Flashback Technologies
   Oracle Flashback Technologies
   Flashback Database
   Flashback Table
   Flashback Drop Table
21. Oracle Data Pump
   Concepts of Logical backups & Refresh
   Data Pump Exports & Imports
22. Transportable Tablespaces
   Concepts of Transportable Tablespaces
   Transporting Tablespaces across Databases
23. Database Cloning
   Cloning Concepts and Considerations
   Cloning Techniques
   Cloning Oracle Home and Database
   Manual Cloning
   Cloning using RMAN
24. Data Guard
   Overview of Data Guard
   Benefits of Implementing Data Guard
   Standby Database Concepts
   Implementing Physical Standby database
25. Database Patching
   Patching Concepts
   Interim Patches, CPU, PSU patches
   Patch Sets
   Downloading & Analysing Patches
   Applying Patches
26. Database Upgrade
   Understanding the upgrade process
   Upgrade methods
   Upgrading Oracle11g to Oracle 12c
27. Database Performance Tuning
   Oracle Tools for Performance Tuning
   Instance & Database Tuning
   Execution Plans, using EXPLAIN PLAN
   Application Tracing, TKPROF
28. Oracle Multitenant Architecture
   Multitenant Architecture
   Pluggable Databases (PDB) & Container Database (CDB)
   Creating & Managing CDBs & PDBs
   Users, Roles, Privileges in CDB
   Parameters in CDB
   Backup, Recovery of CDBs & PDBs

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