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Course Oracle Apps R12 - Technical
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Cost Of The Training INR 20,000 / USD 290
Total Duration 40 Days
Each Session 1 Hr
Trainer Mr. Ankit Narula
Start Date And Time Tue, January 5th 2021 at 08:00 AM IST

Course Description

  Session 1   Demo session - Introduction of the trainer, explaining the course contents, pre-requisities,   methodology of   the training.
  Session 2   Types of Roles , Types of projects, AIM documents
  Session 3   Oracle Apps file structure, database structure and 3-tier architecture
    Application Object Library
  Session 4   Levels of Oracle Applications, Creating users, WHO columns, Creating responsibilities
  Session 5   Menu construction, Defining concurrent program
  Session 6   Concurrent program with parameters, Creating Value sets, incompatabilities
  Session 7   Scheduling concurrent program, Creating request group, Creating request set
  Session 8   Concurrent program creation using API
    Module Overviews
  Session 9   Inventory Module flow with base tables
  Session 10   Accounts Payable module flow with base tables
  Session 11   Accounts Receivable module flow with base tables
  Session 12   Order Management module flow with base tables
  Session 13   General Ledger module , Creating Ledger using ( Currency, Calendar and COA )
  Session 14   Report development process, Report registration process
  Session 15   Bind parameters, lexical parameters, reports with value set, Building report manually
  Session 16   Using repeating frames, Summary columns , Formula columns, place holder column
  Session 17    Standard report customization
  Session 18   Introduction to Interfaces, working with Out Bound Interfaces, using UTL_FILE package
  Session 19   Inbound Interface process, Working with SQL*Loader tool
  Session 20   Different option in SQL *Loader tool, bad file, discard file
  Session 21   Using Interface table approach
  Session 22   Using API Approach
  Session 23   Introduction to conversions, Creation of staging table
  Session 24   Develoing the validation package, Explaining the real time project code.
  Session 25   Completing the conversion task, Differences between Inbound interfaces and Conversions
  Session 26   Form development process using TEMPLATE.FMB , Form registration process
  Session 27   Form personalization
  Session 28   Using Custom.pll , implementing ZOOM functionality
  Session 29  Workflow Introduction, Workflow development process, running the workflow
  Session 30 Sending notifications, branching the workflow using resultout variable
  Session 31  Creating lookup type, Creating role
    BI Publisher / XML Publisher
  Session 32    Introduction to BI publisher, Report development process
  Session 33   Creating reports for multiple rows, Creating Data definitions, Creating templates
  Session 34   Converting standard rdf report to XML Report, Working with data templates
    Flex fields
  Session 35   Customizing DFF, Creating KFF
    Functional Cycles
  Session 36   P2P Cycle
  Session 37   O2C Cycle
    Thank You

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