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CourseOracle SOA
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Cost Of The TrainingINR 30,000 / USD 465
Total Duration 30 Days
Each Session 1 Hr
Trainer Mr. Praveen
Start Date And TimeWed, January 6th 2021 at 06:00 AM IST

Course Description

1. Basic Concepts and Architecture
   Overview of service-oriented architecture (SOA)
   Overview XML, XSD, X Path, XSLT, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and BPEL
2. Installations
   Overview of the fusion architecture
   Weblogic Server, SOA server and BAM server and Metadata schemas, SOA domain, server, SOA server and BAM server
   Start and stop the admin server
   Installing the Oracle SOA Suite 12c Quickstart
3. Interaction Patterns
   Orchestrate services through BPEL for a Synchronous Service
   BPEL for One-way
   BPEL for an Asynchronous Service
4. SCA Architecture
   Description of Composite xml
   Source code Explanation of BPEL File, WSDL File and Component Type File
5. Hello World BPEL Process
   Synchronous Hello World process
   Explanation of Receive Activity Syntax, Invoke Activity Syntax, Reply Activity Syntax, Assign Activity, BPEL Variables
   Relationship between BPEL Variables and WSDL messages
   Deploying the application and Application Testing in the SOA Server
6. Parallel Processing and Conditional Branching
   Processing with Parallel Using Flown activity and Flow activity
   Conditional Branching, Switch Activity, Limitation of the Receive activity, Pick activity to implement the timeouts and receive inputs from multiple operations into a single BPEL
7. Fault Handling and Exception Management
   Faults types and handlings For synchronous & Asynchronous services
8. Transformation Services
   Transformation Service
   Map Testing and Analysis and XSLT Mapping Tool
9. Adapters and Accessing Adapter from BPEL
   Adapter Framework
   File Adapter Read Operation, Write Operation, Sync Read Operation and List of files
   FTP Adapter Get a file, Put a file, Synchronous get file and List of flies
   Database Adapters
   JMS and Oracle APPS Adapters
10. Mediators
   Introduction and working with Mediators
   Schematron flies, parallel flows, sequential flows
   Fault handling in the Mediator
   Transaction handling in the Mediators
11. Human Workflow and Work list Application
  Human Workflow
  Features of workflow service
   Workflow service components
   Modeling Workflows
   Work list Application Features
12. Business Rule and Decision Tables
   Introduction to Business Rules
   Using Business Rules and Decision tables in BPEL
13. Working with BAM
   Oracle BAM Server, Application and Features of Oracle BAM Application
   Defining Data Object and Defining BAM Dashboard
   Configuring BAM Adapter on Weblogic and adding BAM Connection to application
14. Extra Topics
   Managing & Monitoring Composite
   Testing SOA Composite
   Sharing Functionality
   Using REST Adapter
   Securing services & composite Applications

End of the course contents