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Forms - Types of controls


Text Item
It is an editable item. Used to accept data from the end user.
By default every item is a text item.

Display Item
Non editable item.
Used to display information for read only purpose.

Using display Item
Calculate netpay using calculation property.

Open the form builder tool Opening an existing form (EMP_FORM.fmb ).
Go to layout editor ( tools Layout editor )
Create display item
Click on display item icon and click on canvas.


Right click on display item property palette
Data type number
Calculation mode formula
Formula  - :SAL + NVL (:COMM, 0)
Note: Block items are referred with : ( colon ) in code.
Database Item No
Prompt Net Salary

File Save.
Program Compile module Logon for compilation (Provide connection details).
Run the form
Program Run form

Click on execute query.
Move to the next record. Observe ALLEN record.
Net salary of ALLEN is 2300 (2000 + 300 )
We can keep the cursor on Empno, Ename , Sal.
We cannot keep cursor on Net salary ( as it is a display item ).

Create display item PF
Formula:   round (:SAL * .15 )

Check box
Used to provide user with options.
Maximum two options can be provided.
Checked value,
Unchecked value,
Initial value

Add a new column gender in emp table ( by using alter command ).
( SQL> alter table emp  add ( gender varchar2(1));    ).

In EMP_FORM , in the layout editor,
Create a check box ( Click on check box icon, and the click on canvas )



Right click on the check box Property palette
Label Gender
Value when checked M
Value when unchecked F
Initial value  - M
Database Item Yes
Column Name Gender
Hint Checked value is MALE, Unchecked value is FEMALE

File Save.
Program Compile Module
Program Run form

Click on execute query.
Move to ALLEN record
Uncheck Gender   for ALLEN record.

Query for the data in EMP table from SQL*PLUS
SQL> select * from emp;
Observe for ALLEN row, GENDER column is changed to F.

Radio Group
It is used to represent multiple choices for user.
It is collection of radio buttons.
Each radio button represents one choice.

Radio Button
Used to represent one choice in radio group.

Open existing from EMP_FORM.fmb using form builder.
Go to Layout editor ( tools Layout editor  )

Change Deptno to  radio group.
Select deptno Right click property palette Item type Radio Group
( Observe , Deptno is now not displayed in Layout).
Note: Radio group is not displayed in the Layout.

Place radio button in the in Deptno radio group.

Click on radio button icon, and click on canvas,
Radio group window is displayed.
Place in which radio group?
Select deptno - Ok

Similarly, place the 2nd radio button , 3rd radio button and 4th radio button.
( Imp: All the four radio buttons should in the same group ).

Go to the object navigator  ( F3) ,

You will find four radio buttons in the radio group  deptno.

In the property palette of the deptno,
Initial Value 10

Provide the following properties for the four radio buttons ( in the property palatte)

Name- RB1
Label Accounting
Radio button Value 10


Name - RB2
Label  -Research
Radio button value 20

Name RB3
Label Sales
Radio button value 30

Name RB4
Label Operations
Radio button value 40

File Save
Program Compile Module
Program Run form
Execute query

Observe radio button  will be highlighted basing the deptno value of the EMP table.

Used to bind controls as a unit.
Supports to design the screen as per the user requirement.
Title text
Update Layout Manually  ( Default Automatic )

List item
It is used to represent multiple choices for user.

1) List style : 3 options

  1. Poplist
  2. Tlist
  3. Combo box

2) Elements in the list
        1) List element for display purpose
        2) List item value stored in database column
3) Initial value
             One of the list values


Convert job as list item.
In Layout Editor ( F2 ), select Job Property palette    Item   type -  list Item
List style Poplist ( default )

Elements in the list

List Element      

List Element Value



Marketing Executive









File Save
Program Compile Module
Program Run Form
Click on execute query
Move to ALLEN record,
In the EMP table,  ALLENs job is SALESMAN.
But in the form , JOB is displayed as Marketing Executive.

Similary, try with Tlist ( List style )

 Poplist and Tlist are non editable list Item.
User cannot place his own value in list item.

Combo Box
It is editable List Item ( text item + List Item ).

Example of Combo Box
In Layout Editor ( F2 ), select Job property palette Functional List Style Combo Box

File Save
Program Compile Module
Program Run Form

Click on Execute Query
Move to JONES record
Change JOB Field to  HR

Now, check the backend  EMP  table,
JONES job is changed to HR.

In Combo Box, we can place our own values also.


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