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Forms - Object Groups

It is collection of controls. (Blocks, Canvas, Windows, Alerts, Editors, Visual Attributes, Property classes).
Used to share components with other modules ( forms) .
Creating Object group
Open the form builder tool Use data block wizard ok Next Table or View EMPONE Refresh Provide username, password and database details  Connect Move all the columns from  Available columns  to Database Items Data Block name  -- EMPONE Create the data block , then call the layout wizard Finish
Welcome to layout wizard Canvas New canvas Move all columns from available Items to Displayed Items Next Next Form Next Frame Tile EMP DETAILS Next Finish

In Object Navigator , a Data block is created, Canvas is created and window is created.


Click on Object groups Click on create button.
Place some components ( drag and drop ) in Object group children. ( Block , canvas and window ).
Save the file with extension EMPONE.FMB


Using Object Group
Create a new module. ( Select form click on create button )

Drag and drop Object Group from EMPONE and place in new module.
While placing it prompts for two options.

    • Copy An independent copy of the object group is created.
    • Sub class There will be continuous relation between parent object  and using object. So if parent module is changed, it will be reflected in the depending module.

    Save the new module with the name EMPONENEW.fmb
    Program Compile Module
    Program Run form
    Object Groups supports inheritance feature in oops.
    Object Groups  provides poor security while sharing components between modules.


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